Governmental Flight Support

Our streamlined services allow us to conduct proper support and empower you to focus on strategic decisions that impact the international arena by ensuring that we establish flight arrangements punctually and accordingly with official procedures and policies. We bring the same impeccable quality and range of services that we have for Business aircrafts to the support of Diplomatic Missions, Heads of State, Air Forces, United Nation Missions, Chartered Diplomatic Delegations, Foundations, National Teams, Ministries and NGOs for both cargo and passenger flights. Our attentiveness to detail and vast experience translate into delivering on the requirements of missions efficiently and discreetly. Our specialized team appointed solely for the purpose of providing Governmental Flight Support, undergoes rigorous training and are equipped to handle such missions with the highest confidentiality supported by an advanced internal system that secures the dealings of the details of the given operations. In difficult locations we ensure the most reliable and comprehensive solutions for ground handling and fueling services on the ground.